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Our community - Hammanskraal

Hammanskraal is 45 km North of Pretoria, South Africa.
Most people live in informal settlements.
Unemployment, poverty, crime, witchcraft, immorality and disease are some of the more serious problems in the community.

Butterfly Change for Children is a community organisation that aims to improve the lives of children living in the Hammanskraal area, north of Pretoria. Butterfly works directly with the children or indirectly by empowering their caregivers.

Our Vision:

Assisting children in need and working to improve their circumstances in any way possible

Our Mission:

To meet the children's spiritual, emotional and physical needs.
To help create a safe, healthy, well-equipped environment conductive to the children’s development.
To make the caregivers, through training, partners in our mission.

Our Info:

128-141 NPO | NPC Registration Number 2010/022933/08
Directors: Lize Oosthuizen, Miemie Alberti & Hanlie van Schalkwyk

Butterfly Change for Children

Butterfly Change for Children

Butterfly Change for Children


Compelled by the love of God we want to bring light where there is darkness, joy where there is sorrow and hope where there is despair.


Love without action brings no change. Therefore we identify the needs of children in the community and find practical solutions to bring positive change.


We believe when you care and bring hope to people in the community, they will be inspired to stand up, use what they have and change their world.